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  Cool Welcome semua...untuk site Info nie dalam proses lagi ...Tapi semua boleh rujuk pada [color= rgb(30, 144, 255);]Forum » Putera Faizal Umum » Pengumuman & Informasi Terbaru » Putera Faizal (info).[/color]Thanks join harap semua register.

 Dan Perkenalkan Diri Dalam Forum Ruangan » [color= rgb(30, 144, 255);]Putera Faizal Umum » Ahli Baru » ~~ LATEST REGISTER HERE..[/color] (kenalkan diri anda ye..)

 Untuk tidak terkeluar dari room chat.Untuk masuk kebahagian lain tue buka new windows atau new tab.Right klik buka 2 page.

Meriahkan Forum dan Berkongsi Pendapat. Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa Dan Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin.

  Cool [color= rgb(255, 0, 0);]Introduction to xat money and subscriptions **Ultra Avs**[/color][color= rgb(255, 0, 0);][/color]

[color= rgb(255, 165, 0);]You can now buy xat money (xats) to purchase stuff in the chat box. Note that most things are free and will continue to be free. In general xats are used to buy things that cannot be free i.e. Kisses would be over used and used for spam if they were free, and marriages wouldn't mean anything if they were free. If you can't afford any xats you can still see all the stuff and if you are lucky someone might marry you and users can also give other users xats and subscriber time.

To buy xats you need to be registered (Click on your name and then the Register button).
When you are registeted, click your name, click the Register button and select "Get Subscription and xats"

To send a kiss click on your name and click on the coins bottom right.

You can buy Kisses for 25 xats, marriages or "Best Friends Forever" for 200 xats and divorces are free. xats include a free subscription which allow you to use "Ultra smilies" and "Ultra Avatars"

Kisses are a full screen movie that appears on top of the chat box to everyone on the chat box (unless they are ignoring you). Kisses include a message so don't forget to fill that in.

Marriages or "Best Friends Forever" allow you pair up on xat. Your icons and names will be next to each other and a symbol will show you are paired. If you are Main owner and you are married your partner will sit next to you even if they are a member or guest. You can marry anyone you want (as long as neither of you are already married) but remember they can divorce you for free so make sure the person you are marrying wants to be married to you. To get married click on the person's name and click the "Marry/Best Friend" button.

Divorces are free (2 divorces are included in the price of a marriage). To get divorced click on someone else's name and click the Divorce button. If you change your mind and want to remarry it will be another 200 xats so maybe you should sleep on it? You can get divorced publicly or you can go to a room with no one else on and do it privately. You can only have one wife!!!

Transfer To give someone xats or subscriber time click on their name in the Visitors list and click the Transfer button. Then type in the number of xats and days you want to give them.

Ultra smilies are special smilies that have extra features or only work for subscribers but don't worry if you're not a subscriber, all the existing smilies will continue to work and we will be adding more. Current Ultra smilies are (X) (CLOVER) (GHAT) (AIRPLANE) (HEARTS) (HIPPO) (SURPRISE) (PAINT) (CONFETTI) (CHAMPAGNE) (CRY) (ARGUE) (PARACHUTE) (DYNAMITE) and regular smilies improved for subscribers (D) (DMD) (N) (BBY) (LI) (GST) © (BIN) (NOTE) (WWE) (ROFL) (EGG)

Ultra Avatars are jazzed up avatars/picture. Instead of using a picture you can use most smilie codes instead, for example you can put (CD) or (CIR) as your picture. You can also add effects to your avatar. To add an effect put #hearts , #lips , #glitter , #beams, #blood , or #equ , #walk, #up, #down after your picture. To add a smilie effect add #up#xtre where xtre is the smilie you want. (Note that only smilies that are in brackets work, so (ninja) works and |-) doesn't.



   CoolWell if you have ever been to an xat chat box where people use slang(i think we all have been to a box like that) Well come here and have a look to see what it means or ask what it means.

(I'll arrange into alphabetical order soon)

ppl= people
wb= welcome back
brb= be right back
bbl= be back later
np= no problem
ty= thank you
tyvm= thank you very much
plz= please
rly= really
orly= oh really
wth= what the hell
wtf= what the f***
pic= picture
lol= laugh out loud
lel= laugh extremly loud (my own one)
idk= i don't know
thx= thanks
yea= yeah
nm/nvm= never mind
rofl= roll on the floor
lmao= laugh my ass off
roflmao= roll on the floor laughing my ass off.
k= ok
2= to
u= you
w/e= what ever
txt= text
t.b= type box
c= see
any1= anyone
ftw= for the win_______





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